How Can A Substance Abuse Assessment Help Me?

Two of the questions we hear a lot from new clients when they call Fair Park Counseling is :

“What is a Substance Abuse Assessment?


“How Can A Substance Abuse Assessment Help Me Or My Family Member?”


My goal with this article is to help you understand what a Substance Abuse Assessment is and how it can and will help you or your loved one.

Alcoholism or drug addiction can be difficult obstacles to overcome. This is why encourage you to seek help from a certified licensed professional counselor. Preferably one with credentials as a substance abuse professional or master addiction counselor for an assessment of your addiction. A substance abuse assessment by a qualified professional will provide you with the information that you need.

This type of assessment will help you understand why you are dependent on drugs or alcohol. It will also show whether there are any co-occurring mental health issues (such as depression). A qualified assessment will also help identify the underlying cause of your addiction so that effective treatment can begin!

It is essential to understand the depth of your addiction before you start treatment. Why? It will help determine the level of treatment you may need. If you are prone to adverse side effects of withdrawals, such as seizures and other neurological disorders, you may require inpatient care. For these risks to be eliminated, a substance abuse professional must first identify the type of dependency issue(s) you are dealing with. You will learn if you require admittance to an inpatient rehab facility versus an intensive outpatient program.

For example, suppose you have a chronic addiction to drugs or alcohol and may exhibit symptoms of mental illness (such as depression). In that case, the licensed practitioner must address these issues before they get worse.

The only problem is: how do you know which treatment program will work best for your situation? An assessment by a certified and experienced professional can help you make the best decision for your situation.


Why Do I Need a Substance Abuse Assessment And What Will I Gain From My Assessment?  


– One of the many benefits of a substance abuse assessment is that you will get a clear understanding of your drinking or drug use.

– You will be able to have a brutally honest discussion with someone who can provide you with suggestions and guidance.

– By assessing your addiction, a certified practitioner can help pinpoint what may be standing in your way of being successful that you can’t see.


What Does A Substance Abuse Assessment Session Look Like?


For starters, a substance abuse counselor will ask you several questions about your relationship with drugs and alcohol as part of your assessment process. The questions may include:

– What substances are you using?

– How often do you use them, and how often per day?

– When was the first time you used drugs or alcohol?

– How old were you at the time, and who introduced it to you?

– Is there a family history of addiction?

time and who introduced it to you?

– Is your substance use impacting your family, friendships, school, or career?

An assessment will not answer all of your questions, but it is the first step in understanding why you are using drugs and alcohol.


Substance Abuse Assessments And Evaluations Help Your Provider Determine The Difference Between Substance Abuse and Dependence.


Are you a casual user, an abuser, or dependent on the substances you choose to use? A licensed professional can help unmask your actual addiction level – as long as you are honest with them and yourself.


A Few Facts To Help You Get The Best Results From Your Substance Abuse Evaluation


– If you aren’t honest enough with yourself, you won’t be honest with your assessor.

– Your assessor is here to help you, not here to judge you.

– Too many times, people mistake “tough love” and expert guidance as condescension.

– You will have to face your disease head-on if you want to beat it.

– You can rest assured that your counselor will walk through the fire with you as long as you are willing to take those steps.

The more accurate information you provide in your assessment, the better your provider can help you.

A substance abuse assessment can help you understand your substance use disorder. This allows your provider to Identify the best possible care plan for you to help you improve your quality of life. It may be that you have a substance use disorder, but it hasn’t yet reached the point of dependency. A counselor’s help is vital for anyone who may be struggling with substance abuse. Their guidance can be beneficial if you have struggled and relapsed.


Substance Abuse Assessments And Evaluations Help You Learn What Your Role Should Be In Reducing And Managing Your Alcohol Or Drug Use.


You have two jobs during a substance abuse assessment. First, you have to show up. You have to get there and walk in the door. Luckily, mental health professionals are there to help. You don’t have to be afraid if it gets too hard because they will listen and support you through this difficult time. It is helpful to have a trusted friend or family member drive you to your assessment.

Secondly, as mentioned above, you need to be honest. A Substance Abuse Professional is not here to judge you. Addiction specialists are here to help you overcome your addiction and celebrate with you when you succeed. Being open with your counselor will help them understand addiction and help you get ahead in treatment. If you are serious about your recovery journey, it is vital that you open up to your professional addiction counselor about everything.

After completing the substance abuse assessment, a counselor can provide recommended treatment(s) or counseling services. The ball is in your court at that point. Now you have to choose to take decisive action.

The next step may be for you to commit to starting ongoing outpatient treatment. In some rare cases, the situation is so dangerous that immediate inpatient rehabilitation is warranted. Your counselor will help set the appropriate plan in motion. You will learn how to actively do your part as well. Just know that success is only possible when you are willing to cooperate.


Why Should I Choose Fair Park Counseling for my Substance Abuse Assessment?


At Fair Park Counseling’s Birmingham Branch, our professional staff excels in their understanding of substance abuse and addictions. We understand addiction and substance abuse at the deepest levels. We know that actively seeking help for addiction can be one of the most courageous choices that someone makes. Many of our staff members have years of experience as Substance Abuse Professionals and Master Addiction Counselors. They can effectively work with you so that your treatment results in your success. Contact Fair Park Counseling today to set up your initial assessment, and we will help from there.

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